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The Made in Italy is a trademark which belongs to a history of centuries of workers. The Italians, the masters- craftsmen who love to impress their leadership in their work, have always had the need to do better by creating a quality brand. Genuine Made in Italy succeded in overcoming the crisis, being competitive and struggling against counterfeiting within globalization scenario.

This is the premise of a course offered by FOIL (Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership Training -, a company that was founded in Milan in 2001 to meet training and counseling needs for entrepreneurs and for aspiring ones,focusing on Ceo Direction and on Top Management in its economic and especially social sides. A training program that presents the mindset, knowledge and access key aimed to include and select from the past pride that providential intelligence adapted to the contemporary moment.A training where lifestyle and business intuition blend with the constant updates, the development of the quality, the refinement of successful marketing techniques,an efficient management of human resources and loyalty to its core business.

A structured program built on six modules immersion (from March 2012 to June 2013) and divided into four thematic areas:
- The longstanding mother culture of Italy
- Intuition and lifestyle
- The roots of the style "Made in"
- Made in Italy case histories

A specialized training in the world of Italian style: fashion, boating, shoes, jewelry, kitchen, food and wine, furniture, glass, ceramics, musical instruments.Seizing the opportunity of face to face with the protagonists of the Italian scene, with guided tours of some companies in the areas of excellence.

The course has been conceived on a strong interdisciplinary approach that combines historical and cultural profiles (from the masters of “Made in Italy” trademark of Renaissance) with the most advanced communications technology and product marketing with the most effective acqusitions in matter of psychology and business management and with legal profiles more concerned about protection of international trade rather than to the risks of counterfeiting also attributable to the globalization of markets. Besides academics, FOIL consultants and specialists, the course has involved - either in lectures or in stages - entrepreneurs of proven success in the target area and is mainly addressed to the specialization of those who already work or are eager to work in various segments of the "Made in Italy chain".

The FOIL-course in "Business Intuition of Made in Italy" aims to fill a huge gap in training in relation to Made in Italy in terms of strategic segment of the culture, economy, law and international relations in general in our country: this segment is irrespective of the dynamics of crises and is even more reactive nowadays, when crises occur worldwide. Thus, the made in Italy stands for the main driver of the possible revival and development of our system.

After years of training around the world with business entrepreneurs and managers of different continents, the course from its origins onwards has become a highly specialized one, with international appeal. For instance, it has already developed such partnerships in Brazil's Faculdade AM (Faculty of Administration under the Ministry of Education issued by the Brazilian federal state). A partnership that - even in the context of the bilateral program of events promoted in the name of "Moment Italy-Brazil" ( to strengthen relations between the two countries - is an expression of a proven interest in Brazil towards Italian excellence witnssed by the increasing propensity of its companies to builds tailor made business relations with Italy.

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Nèo Luca Mercatanti

Luca Mercatanti

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